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About Us


My husband and I hand raise our little babies giving them love and the best of care. We fall in love with each litter we have, and treat them as is they are our children. 




I was raised with American Goldens throughout my childhood. I absolutely love their temperaments. They just make the most amazing pets anyone could ask for. So, when I came across the English Golden Retrievers I was ecstatic. They have the temperament and personality that I love, while being less prone to many major health issues that other breeds, as well as the American Goldens commonly have.

Over the years as our puppy families grew, our personal family expanded as well. We now have two handsome young boys of our own. As we all know, having young kids mean your on the ground playing a lot and interacting with your young ones. English Goldens are the
best dogs anyone can ask for, but they shed so much of their long beautiful white hair. So, as most families do, we eventually gravitated towards Goldendoodles. They really are the perfect mix of the Golden’s loyal, loving, and safe temperament, with the low-non-shedding of the poodle. Ever since, we are in love! and fall in love with every Goldendoodle litter we have.


My father is a retired veteranarian. So, not only do I have access to all of his professional knowledge and insight, each puppy is also completely examined routinely as they are growing up. We ensure that our puppies receive the best treatment possible to result in healthy, and happy puppies.

When dealing with clients, we do everything in our power to ensure that all of our clients are more satisfied and completely taken care of. If choosing on the internet, we will send you as many images and videos of the puppies as necessary for you to feel comfortable with your choice as well as provide you with details in regards to the puppies temperaments. We also enjoy lengthy phone calls with the clients in regards to our dogs and available puppies.

 It is our goal to make sure that are clients are all well informed and that we have answered all questions and concerns there may be.



When you are purchasing a puppy, you are not only investing financially but also your time and energies into a new member of your family. This is very important, and we want it to be a smooth transition for the new owner and the puppy from day one. Because we invest so much into our puppies and become very attached, it is extremely important to us to know that our puppies are going to be well taken care of in a loving new home.
We look forward to working with you!!
Brooke & Aaron Rogall,