Frequently Asked Questions

          Do I need to sign a contract when I purchase a puppy?Yes. We require all families purchasing a puppy to sign a contract. This ensures you’re receiving a puppy with a clear bill of health and if for whatever reason your family becomes unable to continually are for the dog, it will be returned to us and not send to a humane shelter. Bellow is a link to our deposit receipts, and purchase contracts including health guarantee. We do our best to keep things as simple as possible, while also remaining transparent. It is important for you to know who you are working with, and what our expectations are.


–            Do you offer a health guarantee? Yes we do. We offer a 2 year health guarantee against any major congenital diseases that dramatically effect the health and life of the puppy. We do not ask for you to return the puppy at that time. We will offer you a replacement puppy as compensation. It is our gaol to breed and raise the healthiest goldendoodle puppies we can. However, genetics can be very unpredictable, and rarely present unexpected complications.


           Do I need to place a deposit?Placing a deposit assures you a “pick” from current or upcoming litters. It is a non-refundable deposit. However, once a deposit has been placed you can change the puppy that the deposit is applied to. You will be contacted when it is time to pick out your puppy, which takes place when the litter is 6 weeks of age. We will not hold a puppy until we receive a deposit unless we have a signed contract at which point we will allow five business days to receive the deposit by mail. Communication is KEY. If you think it will take longer for the deposit to arrive, please let us know so that we do not give your “pick”/puppy to someone else thinking you have changed your mind. The balance of the money is due when you pick up the puppy or before the puppy is shipped.


–           Are your puppies socialized?
 Our puppies are born in our home and stay in our home the entire time we have them. They live in our puppy/family room where they get lots of attention and love. We put them on a socialization schedule at three weeks of age and begin a systematic program of acquainting the puppy with people and the surroundings that people live in. By the time puppies are eight weeks of age they are, calm, at the beginning stages of house breaking, and ready to bond with their new families. Using this systematic approach has brought us wonderful results including very happy customers. According to research, by the time a puppy is eight weeks of age, their EEG readings are that of an adult dog. By no means do they have the maturity of an adult dog but many of those behavior patterns have been set and our goal is to have them set with people in mind. Socialization is one of our highest priorities. We have worked hard to accumulated some of the best blood lines in the world but if a puppy is neglected during the first weeks of life, the puppy will likely end up maladjusted.

           How can I pay for my puppy?At Vegas Doodles, we primarily process payment with cash. However, we also accept Venmo, Cash Ap, Zelle, and PayPal (with a 3% courtesy charge).
We do not schedule airline reservations for the puppy until payment and a signed contract is received. It takes at LEAST 2 business days to get confirmation of airlines reservations for the puppy.

         If I am the 4th person to give you a deposit for a “Pick”, do I get 4th choice?
 Usually “picks” are divided by male and female based on a certain litter. If you had the “second pick male” then you would have the second choice of all of the males at the time the deposit it placed. Once a deposit is placed for a puppy from a specific litter, we do ask that you make a selection based on gender, color, or size at that time for us to hold that puppy for you. We start to allow visitors between 4-5 weeks of age. During your visitation time, all available and unspoken for puppies will be present for you to meet and interact with. You can then confirm which puppy you would like to pick. The first deposit placed is not always guaranteed “pick” of the litter.” Vegas Doodles always reserve the right for “pick” of the litter. For example, we might want to keep a puppy.

           What are the main differences between a male and a female?
 Temperamentally, there is little difference between the sexes. Neither sex is harder to housetrain, and both are equally intelligent and affectionate. Both are excellent with children, and both make excellent companions. Problems of aggressiveness, which males of other breeds may exhibit, should not occur our doodles. Sex-related behavior such as mounting and marking may be exhibited by some males, particularly if other males are present or if the male has been used for breeding. Neutering a male dog before a year of age will help to alleviate the above problems. Since there is no responsible reason NOT to spay a female (unless she was bought from a serious hobby breeder specifically for showing or breeding), the estrous cycle in the female need not be a consideration.”

           Do you ship puppies and if so, what age?
  We regularly ship puppies but do not do so until the are 8 weeks old and weather conditions permit. Our puppies are very well socialized and used to the many different noises and commotions that go on inside and outside of our home. This helps them adjust to the idea of noise and movement. We do not sedate our puppies before flight. Sedation isn’t necessary and may be dangerous. We have flown puppies all over the world and all have done very well. There should arrive happy and ready to meet their new family.
If you are picking up your puppy, you may do so at 8 to 9 weeks.

         How much is shipping? 
Shipping is a minimum of $350 in addition the price of the puppy. Shipping includes crate, air fare, and health certificate charges.

      Unlimited Registration /Breeding Rights?
 We do give out unlimited registration, but we are very selective to whom we give it to. There are many considerations to be taken into account and much testing that must happen before a dog is bred. If we are comfortable that a breeder is aware of all time and cost that is required with unlimited registration and has the goodness of the breed at heart, then we will discuss unlimited or full registration. In some situations, it can be added later once testing is done and the owner feels they are up to the rigors of showing dogs or raising puppies.

      How much are your puppies? 
It depends on the litter, gender, so prices will vary. Please send us an email and we will let you know about our current litter.

  How do I house break my puppy?
 First of all, realize that a puppy’s body is not mature enough for muscle control of its bladder until it is 3 1/2 to 4 months of age. Bowel control is usually faster. Tips and tricks: PATIENCE, CONSISTENCY, AND ROUTINE! All puppies need their own secure sleeping area. (Crate) A puppy usually will not void or defecate in their sleeping area. Do not give a puppy food or water past 7 p.m. No food after 6 p.m. Obviously, this time can be adjusted if it is very hot or the puppy has had a big play time. This gives the puppy plenty of opportunity to be able to go to bed with an empty bladder. Keep the puppy in site at all times! After 20 minutes let the puppy outside and give the command, for example “go potty.” 
Take puppy outside: 
• As soon as a puppy wakes up. 
• Right after a puppy eats or drinks. 
• After 20 minutes of playtime.
It doesn’t take long for a puppy to learn. Make a schedule for “potty time,” playtime, eating, etc. When you take the puppy outside always tell him “Outside.” He then learns the command. If you catch a puppy in the act of having an accident in the house, pick him up mid-stream and say “no” in with a firm tone. NEVER hit a puppy or rub a puppies nose in his own mess. This does not teach the puppy anything good or positive. You can show the puppy the pee smelling cloth (after you clean it up) and say “No Potty in House.” Then lovingly, but firmly take the puppy and the cloth outside. Put the cloth on the ground and say “Go Potty Outside.” Let the puppy smell the cloth. Remember to watch your puppy closely and recognize the “need” for him to go outside.

   I work, how can I properly raise a puppy?
 Working should not prohibit you from raising a puppy, however a puppy does demand extra time and attention, you will need to make provisions to care for your puppy. Caring for a puppy brings responsibilities and obligations that need to be considered. This puppy will need to be cared for on a daily basis for the next 10-16 years, this will become a family member, (living/breathing) not an item or thing that is disposable.

    A puppy needs the following:

◦                     A puppy needs to relieve himself every 2-4 hours, until they are at least 6 months old. Puppies generally defecate 5 to 6 times a day and urinate even more.

◦                     You will need to get up during the night to take your puppy out. An easy way to figure out how many hours a puppy can be expected to control their bladder is to take the puppy’s age in months and add 1. For example a 4-month-old puppy will need to go out every 5 hours.

◦                     Housetraining a puppy can take at least 6 months. With a daily time commitment of every 2-4 hours.

◦                     A puppy will benefit from a socialization class at around 12-14 weeks old and an obedience class after 6 months.

◦                     Puppies require a minimum of three 20-minute LOW-IMPACT (High Impact can and will cause Hip Dysplasia in a young dog) aerobic play sessions per day and older dogs need regular exercise on a daily basis. A tired puppy is a calm puppy.