What is a Guardian Home: Guardian homes allow me to further my breeding program without having too many dogs at my own home. This allows the Guardian Dog to have his/her own forever family, but still allows me to be able to breed it. The dog is loved and cared for by the same family they will be living with after their breeding is over.

What is needed to be a Guardian Home: Guardians must not have any other intact dogs for the entire duration of the guardian contract (spayed or neutered pets are fine). 

-Guardians of females are required to alert me to when their girl is coming into season, and make her available to me for the breeding process. Approximately one week prior to whelping, the girl will come to my home for delivery and care of her pups. Once the pups are weaned (approx. 6 weeks) the female can come back to her guardian home.

-Guardians of males or stud dogs, I will notify 24 hours prior to needing you to deliver the dog to me. I will possibly need the stud for a few hours or possibly up to a week. Also it requires everyone in the house to be aware of the importance of him not being around any other females that might not be spayed, friends and neighbors dogs for example. 

It does take a commitment and the willingness to be flexible, but I believe it is worth it. I only keep a dog to breed that will better my program and provide an improvement in some way. Therefore you will get a high quality dog.

Of course, there are requirements set forth in a contract that must be followed for obvious reasons. The value of one of these dogs can be up to and over $10,000. Therefore it is important for me to find just the right home.

I will retain complete ownership of the puppy/dog until the end of the breeding career and then all ownership will be transferred to the Guardian Home as their forever dog!

Please contact me directly for more information or if you are interested in being a Guardian Home. Call or Text

702 518 0427  or email lasvegasgoldendoodles@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you,