Important litter Details- Pepper & Parks


All puppies should be  chocolate, tri chocolate, and black and white Partis- $2500

– We ask for a $100 deposit to reserve a spot from this litter.


DOB- 10-9-21

Go Home date- 11-20 or 11-27


Genders: 5 FEMALES and 4 MALES

Size estimate based on parents- 30lbs (Dad) – 45lbs (mom is just under 40lbs, But this pair has thrown some bigger males)

All Puppies will have before going home:


First set of puppy Shots

Health exam from Vet

Foundation of Doggie-door training established


For more information on recommended puppy items please see my page “Taking your new puppy home” link bellow

Who Gets Who???

I know everyone will be excited to determine picks. Picks will be made closer to the 4-5 weeks of age.

I will contact families in order of deposits received, and we will make picks via FaceTime, zoom, videos and/or photos.

We do NOT allow for early visitations. The litters health is of top priority, and unintended transmission of serious virus/illness (parvo/kennel cough) happens all too frequently when early visitors are allowed.

What Puppy Food Will they be Eating?

Kirkland Brand grain free puppy food

Momma Dog- Pepper

Pepper is a moyan poodle. She weighs about 40lbs. She is such a sweet girl.  She loves to come over for her evening belly rubs. She just gently set her feet on my lap and lays her head over my chest. Pepper is very smart and was easy to train. She loves her walks and to be apart of our family outings.

Daddy Dog- Parks

This is Parks. He is daddy dog, and has fathered many of our other Australian Labradoodle litters. He has an amazingly soft coat, very very smart, and loves to talk to you about his day 😉

Here is more information about the Australian Labradoodle breed.

Australian Labradoodles is a mixed dog breed that started in Australia, I believe in the 80’s. It is was developed from Labradors, poodles, cocker spaniels, curly coated retrievers and Irish spaniels. They were developed by a breeder that wanted to breed for intelligence for the sake of being guide dogs for visually and mentally impaired, soft cotton-like coats that are hypoallergenic, as well as loyal, dedicated companions. So, needless to say, they are super smart, very sweet and social dogs.


Momma dog is getting big. We do not do an ultrasound- that just stresses momma dog out too much. So, we don’t know how many until babies are born.

We are still on track for babies to arrive first week of October. There is a 10 day period of when momma dog can go into labor. So its not an exact science- each litter is a little different. But I will make sure to keep everyone updated, and include photos once babies have arrived.

We are getting closer 🙂

Babies have arrived. Born 10-9-21.

Its a Beautiful Healthy litter of 9 babies. Brown and White parti, Black and White Parti and Tri Coloring. 

We will let momma and babies recover and will post photos soon.