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Micro-Min Doodles Coming This Fall

MalShiPoos- The perfect family lap dog.


About 10lbs full grown


No shedding, hypoallergenic


Very smart, easy to train, loves people and kids



Beautiful Parti Colors


Now accepting $100 deposits to reserve a spot in the litter


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Here at Vegas Doodles, it is our goal to raise the happiest, most loved doodle puppies around













We are located in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Here at Vegas Doodles, it is our goal to not only have beautiful, healthy puppies, but we also want to give back our community. That is why we have chosen to partner with several local nonprofits that help transform the lives of infants, children, and youth that have been effected by abuse, drugs, absent families, homelessness, foster care, and adoption. These nonprofits aim to provide safe homes, loving families, educational support and mentoring, counseling, and so much more.

We are making a difference one puppy at a time

We Pride Ourselves with the Quality of Love and Care our Puppies Get

Our Goldendoodle puppies are raised in our Las Vegas Home, where they get endless love, attention, and care. No shed! No Barns!


and do not mass produce our dogs.

We keep our breeding program small because it is important to us to keep our adult dogs in the best health, and in a loving environment where they are not just being used. This may mean wait times between litters are a little longer, but we are not willing to sacrifice the care and home we provide our adult dogs with just for the sake of moving large quantities of puppies.

Our goldendoodle puppies are hand held, cuddled, petted, and kissed from day one.


They are the sweetest, smartest, and most lovable goldendoodles around.

We feel the level of socializing puppies get from a young age very much impacts their temperaments and adjustments to their new homes. So, we constantly pet, play with, and enjoying our little pups all day, every day.

We do implement Early  Stimulation for all of our puppies. Benefits to early stimulation include: Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate), Stronger heart beats, Stronger adrenal glands, More tolerance to stress, and Greater resistance to disease.



WE DO NOT HAVE ENDLESS APPLICATIONS AND CONTRACTS that bind the buyer to the breeder. We do everything within our power to make sure the buying process is easy and simple for the buyer.


We do love our goldendoodle babies as our own up until the day they transition to their new families. So our top priority is that their new families love them as much as we do.

So whether you are just looking for more information, or think you have found your newest addition to your family call, text or email us today

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