Vegas Doodles

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Part F1b Goldendoodles Early 2021

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702 835 2737

Puppies to be Born end of January

Hypoallergenic, No Shedding

F1b Goldendoodles, All Parti Colors.

35-55 lbs full grown.






Here at Vegas Doodles, it is our goal to not only have beautiful, healthy puppies, but we also want to give back our community. That is why we have chosen to partner with several local nonprofits that help transform the lives of infants, children, and youth that have been effected by abuse, drugs, absent families, homelessness, foster care, and adoption. These nonprofits aim to provide safe homes, loving families, educational support and mentoring, counseling, and so much more.

We are making a difference one puppy at a time

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